Colter Knippa, Pastor
Pastor Colter grew up in Austin, Texas where he enjoyed camping and exploring the Central Texas hill country.  After high school, Colter moved to Orange County, California to study with Concordia University in Irvine.  In his university years, he also took up an exchange semester in Chicago and a yearlong youth ministry internship with a church plant in Indio.
    Colter then spent 3 years teaching English at the beginner as well as university levels in Kazakhstan, where he still has many dear friends. He savored Kazakh hospitality, delighted in exploring local culture, helped raise up a handful of Church leaders, and enjoyed meaningful conversations with countless remarkable people.
    From there, Colter continued his training with Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. After 2 years of study, the seminary assigned him a pastoral internship in Woodbury, Minnesota for one phenomenal year of deeper ministry exposure. He then accepted an invitation to study with Westfield House in Cambridge, England for a blessed year of academic and cultural enrichment.  Colter returned to St. Louis for his concluding year of seminary before accepting the call to come serve here with Zion.
    Along the way, Colter’s journey has taken him on excursions in Mexico, El Salvador, Manitoba, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, India, Kashmir, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, France, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.
    Colter is thrilled to share in the adventure of mission and ministry with Zion Lutheran!  Give him a call sometime, because he’ll be glad to get to know you